How Often Should You Repaint the Exterior and Interior of Your House?

How Often Should You Repaint the Exterior and Interior of Your House?

Buying an apartment or house is one of your largest investments in life, so do not take it for granted. Once you make such an investment, make sure you don’t forget to regularly maintain both the insides and outsides of your homes. This also includes exterior and interior repaints in Canberra. But, how often you should paint your walls is one of the questions commonly asked by many homeowners. The paint on your walls which are exposed to sun can start fading gradually. Another reason for repainting can be simply aesthetic. Sometimes you just want to improve the appearance of your house in the cheapest and easiest way even before you necessarily have to do it. No matter the reason, here are some things to consider before you schedule your home’s exterior and interior repaints in Canberra.

The exterior paint of your house can last up to 6 years if you want to keep it looking good. Some will suggest as many as 15 years, however, that depends on the quality of the paint in terms of weather and water proofing as well as the quality of the painting work done. There are certain signs which will clearly show that the outside of your house needs repainting, such as rot, blistering, bending and so on. Hire a professional painting team before your house starts to suffer severe damages.

Today’s interior paints can last 10 years and longer. However, walls in different rooms are exposed to different things that can damage the paint, so some sections of your house require more frequent repainting.

As the walls in your corridors experience a lot of wear and tear, they should be repainted more often, every 2-3 years. If the existing paint is high quality, washable, you can wash it from time to time and remove all scuff and sticky finger marks that ruin the appearance of your walls and postpone painting for a few more years.

The walls in your bedrooms do not need frequent painting as there is no much activity in them. However, that is not the case with kids’ rooms. The walls are usually a space for playing and drawing and this is why, when painting children’s rooms, you should use high quality paint with a high sheen that can easily be scrubbed clean.

Living rooms are the main sections of your homes which make your entire property more aesthetic. This is why we usually use better quality paint and for that reason, despite of lot of activities taking place in them, living rooms should be painted every 5-7 years.

The walls in kitchens and bathrooms experience more damage than any other rooms. One of the most important things is that you always paint them with a paint that can be washed regularly. However, no matter what paint is used, it cannot last long, so repainting should be done every 3-4 years.