Professional House Painters Know How to Prioritize Your Rooms

Professional House Painters Know How to Prioritize Your Rooms

Painting your whole house is an exciting thing to do, especially when you think about its final results. It is true that it will make your space refreshed and almost new, however, it can also trigger some headaches. Painting all those rooms can be very frustrating as it can disturb your daily activities as well as create a lot of mess. So, if you are about to undertake this project and not sure if you are doing it properly, the best thing would be to hire professional house painters in Canberra who will make the whole process much easier for you.

First of all, professional painters know how to prioritize their work to be able to reduce the impact of the project on your daily life and, at the same time, your stress which comes with it. They know that bedrooms should be painted first, getting them out of the way. These are the rooms where you sleep and where you can escape once the rest of the house is getting painted and in a mess. Bedrooms should be painted early in the morning, allowing enough time for paint to dry before you go to sleep.

Next on the painting list should be your bathroom. It is the most used space in your house and this is why it is important that is available as soon as possible. Avoid taking a shower or having a hot bath after painting as steam, heat and humidity will prolong the drying process of the fresh paint. 
It is also important to have access to your kitchen, so your food does not go off. Think of all the appliances that you will not to be able to use and plan in advance. If your cooker or oven won’t be accessible for some time, make sure you prepare some meals ahead, so you are not forced to eat out.

Living rooms are usually the largest in households, hence, the most difficult to paint. There is also a lot of furniture to be moved around. To make the whole process easier, leave the larger pieces where they are, but make sure they are covered and out of the way. Also, to avoid heavy foot traffic, it is recommendable that these rooms are painted when children are at school and parents at work.

To avoid your clothes smelling like paint, your laundry room should be painted last. Make sure that you do not do laundry while the room is getting painted. 
All rooms should be ventilated while and after painting without allowing exposure of freshly painted walls to direct sunlight.

These tips can help you with your painting project, no matter if you are doing it yourself or you have professional house painters in Canberra to do the work for you.