Tips for Deck and Fence Cleaning

Tips for Deck and Fence Cleaning

Have your deck and fence become so dirty and weathered over time that you stopped enjoying your outdoor entertainment fully? With spring just around the corner, you want to enjoy your outdoor activities again. Spring is always the time for doing all those little home repairs that you couldn’t do in the winter and this also includes deck and fence maintenance. And, when it comes to deck and fence cleaning in Canberra, we will give you some tips about the best way to do it, so you can start enjoying your outdoor space again this summer.

Please be aware not to use bleach during your deck and fence cleaning in Canberra. It is a whitening agent and while it is efficient for getting rid of mildew, it will not do anything against dirt. Think about your laundry; you might use it to remove some stains, but for proper cleaning, you will definitely use a washing powder. Also, continuous use of bleach can result in softening the wood and corrosion of nails and bolts that hold your deck and fence together. This is why, when buying popular deck cleaners, pay attention to the labels for calcium or sodium hypochlorite which are actually different terms for bleach. 

The most efficient deck and fence cleaning in Canberra requires pressure washers and the right cleaning solution. These types of washers are easy to use and are the perfect option if you want to do the cleaning yourself. If you do not have previous experience with using it, make sure that you try it on some old pieces of wood first. And, since hot water pressure cleaning can cause damages to the wood, always use cold water. Hot water is the best solution for removing grease stains from your wood; however, to prevent damages such as wood expansion, the best solution is to hire a trained professional to do the job for you.

As the last step of the process of deck and fence cleaning in Canberra, make sure that you apply a protector which will prevent the further damages from the sun, water and other factors. There are many efficient protectors available in the market which do not evaporate or wash away and if you are not confident about which one to choose, ask a professional for advice. 

Moreover, when cleaning your fencing, we recommend that you do both the side facing your living space as well as the side facing the street. A clean and tidy fence will add to the appeal of your whole property, showing that you really appreciate your living space by taking care of it all.