Feature Wall – An Easy Way to Improve Your Home

Feature Wall – An Easy Way to Improve Your Home

If you are not up for refurbishing your whole house, and you still want to make a difference, a feature wall is the perfect way for giving your interiors makeover by bringing some new energy, colour and style. By using a little bit of creativity, an endless variety of textures and patterns and minimum costs you can achieve outstanding effects. For instance, for smaller rooms and lower ceilings, a darker coloured wall can add depth to it. And, if you realise after a few months that the change is not what you really like, you can easily scrap it at almost no cost. Here are some tips and ideas how to improve your homes by decorating a feature wall in Canberra.

Firstly, you need to choose the right wall. It should be one without any windows or doors, however, fireplaces and chimney breasts can work pretty well. 
Wall stickers will not take much of your time, effort and money. You can easily apply them and easily remove them. So, if you still consider whether you should include a feature wall in your room, try these first.

Paint is also a cheap and quick option. Even if you are planning to do it yourself, it is an easy method to bring a beautiful touch to your space. If you like colours, than go for a contrasting colour in comparison to the other walls, but make sure that all the colours, including your furniture, coordinate well. Apply 2 to 3 coats of paint to ensure that the old paint does not show through. For a more subtle effect, choose a complementing colour, a few shades different from the existing one on your walls. The wall will blend in with the rest of your room; however, the change will be refreshing.

Wallpapers are also one of the most popular options, yet, easiest for decorating only one feature wall. Depending on wallpaper textures or patterns you choose, you can create different looks, from modern, minimalist to richer that will bring a new dimension to your space. For example, for bumpy walls, choose embossed textured wallpapers while glossier and thinner wallpapers can be the perfect option for smooth walls. 

And, if you have money to play with, there are much more options available. You can choose to go for a mirrored or upholstered wall. Photo murals are not that cheap either, but can make a beautiful focal point in your room. Exposed brick and stacked stone panels are options that many people choose as material around their fireplaces; however, you can use it for any other wall if you want to give a rustic look to your room.