What Colour Should You Paint Your Bathroom?

What Colour Should You Paint Your Bathroom?

When your bathroom starts looking dull and is in need of a makeover, you do not always need to rush with a complete bathroom renovation. A new coat of paint can be refreshing enough to give a different decor to your bathroom and to make your walls look new and clean at all times. There is a wide range of painting colours available and you can choose from calming, neutral to richer, warmer ones. Bear in mind that the most important thing is not to follow the latest trends, but to choose the colour which best suits your taste and mood. Considering this, there are no colours which are right or wrong. Here you will find some tips which can help you easier make your choice.

The colour you choose for your walls should match with other colours in your bathroom – the tiles, bathroom furniture and other decoration. Pristine white fixtures and units are an timeless trend, so no wonder that most bathrooms include these. Apart from easier maintenance, one of their main advantages is that they give you freedom to choose easily a colour for your walls from a wide variety. If you want a longer lasting scheme, we recommend that you go for neutral off-whites. They will make your bathroom look bigger and give it a smoother and calming character. They can be also the perfect solution for more luxurious bathrooms. 

Those of you who are feeling more daring can consider richer and darker shades of other colours. For example, a red colour can be a perfect, sophisticated option for bathrooms in Victorian style houses. Taupe or yellow can help you evoke both warm and relaxing emotions, giving a touch of elegance and richness. 

A black and white mixture of colours can be a very powerful, contrasting combination for your bathroom walls, especially if your appliances are all white. It is a timeless scheme and goes well no matter the style of your bathroom – traditional, rustic or modern. 

Colour is not the only thing to consider when choosing the right paint for your bathroom walls. You need to make sure that you are selecting the paint resistant to high humidity which is found in every bathroom. It is worth to know that there are paints with water resistant features, especially made for bathrooms. One of the best available on the market are high-gloss ones, however, these days you can find matt paints that also repel water easily. 

The paint colour in your bathroom will affect your everyday mood, so be careful when choosing one. And, if you are not completely confident and not sure what you are doing, contact a professional for additional information you need.