Save Yourself the Trouble with Professional Graffiti Removal

Save Yourself the Trouble with Professional Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is always an issue, no matter if it is an artistic expression or an act of vandalism. You agree, it would be a disaster to spot them on your properties’ walls. However, you cannot fight against it, and, if it happens, you need to act immediately as it can ruin the attractiveness of your exteriors and, in case of commercial properties, affect your businesses. Also, the longer graffiti paint stays on the wall, the more it is absorbed by the surface which makes it harder to remove. You can try and do it yourself as many people do, but soon, you will realise that removing it without damaging the walls is quite difficult. So, when dealing with graffiti removals, it is best to hire a professional company, and here, you will find some main reasons for that. 

Real experts have experience, tools and know a variety of methods to remove graffiti from different kinds of surfaces, no matter how delicate or valuable they are, such as bricks, sandstone, limestone, wood, plastic, different kinds of metals as well as glass.

Although many situations do not require chemicals, for some surfaces they cannot be avoided. While some metal and plastic surfaces require either paint thinners or special oils, for removing graffiti, for instance, from wood, you will need special mineral spirits. Therefore, you need to have the knowledge and experience to know what and how much of particular chemical is needed for removing graffiti. 

Considering the fact that chemicals are not the most environmentally friendly option and that, in some cases, can be dangerous to use on some surfaces, there are different techniques which can be utilised for the same purpose. However, they also require certain experience and skill. Power wash can be very effective as long as you know what levels of pressure and water temperatures to use. The same applies to sand blasting, rubbing with special materials such as steel or bronze wool or using a razor blade for scraping graffiti off glass. 

Apart from safety in terms of chemicals, sometimes, there are some safety measures to be undertaken because of accessibility. Some graffiti artists leave their marks on the least reachable places, such as high buildings or underneath overpasses. Methods for removing these can be very dangerous and require special health and safety measures. Experts have very strict policies which require the use of either scaffolding or mobile towers that enable them to complete the work in the safest way possible. 

These are some of the benefits of hiring a professional which can save you a lot of time and patience while keeping the structural integrity of your walls.